Our Services

With 30 years’ construction experience including 10 year’s working with hempcrete construction, Hemp Block Australia is your only choice for an expert, more sustainable building solution.

Architectural Services

Our designated architectural team provides an integrated, comprehensive design service based on the HBA Hempcrete block system.


Engineering for a HBA Block construction is available through our partnership with established companies with experience in hempcrete building.

Quotation, Logistics, Technical Support

Our experienced team will ensure your project is coordinated to achieve your construction goals.

Architectural Services

Our in-house team of experts provides an integrated architecture service which can start with developing basic concepts or can further advance existing plans. All designs will be tailored to the HempBLOCK system.

Architecture services include, but are not limited to:


  • Initial meeting to discuss the brief (via video, phone or in person)
  • Multiple design/layout concepts
  • Development of the preferred concept
  • Expert recommendations on critical parts of the design (roof shape, cladding materials, colours etc).


  • Up to three rounds of further changes to fine tune the final design
  • Access to web-based 3D models
  • Realistic visualisations
  • Videos showing actual sun ingress in various seasons


  • A second meeting/design workshop including a virtual room-by-room walkthrough of the model
  • Coordination with the structural engineer and certifier
  • Finishes schedule
  • Complete set of architectural building approval plans including;
    • site plan
    • floor and roof plans
    • elevations
    • sections
    • door/window schedules
    • daylight/ventilation schedule

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HEMP BLOCK AUSTRALIA provides nationwide engineering through our partnership with an established consulting firm.

Engineering services include, but are not limited to:

  • Soil testing
  • Foundation engineering / slab design
  • Site classification in accordance with AS 2870
  • Wind classification in accordance with AS 4055
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Structural engineering incorporating the GeoSIP Hempcrete block system.

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Quotation, logistics, technical support

Upon receiving your architectural drawings, our experienced team will provide the following:

  • A summary and quotation for the HempBLOCKS
  • Supply of recommended render products
  • Organisation of logistics (for example, transport of the materials to the site)
  • Provide experienced installers where available and/or
  • Provide guidance on installation.

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